Thursday, August 2, 2007

Numero Two

Heeey what's up cyberpeeps? Just got in from practice a little while ago. And my night wouldn't be complete without two things; my tall glass of strawberry lemonade, and some internet bloggage!'s like luggage that the airport can't I appologize for that feeble attempt at humor. Alriiight so it's 11:30 right now, so that means in 30 minutes my direct deposit will directly deposit my check into my checking account. And what does that mean? That means tomorrow I'm going to go get my XBOX 360 set up for XBOX Live so I can start pownin some newbs at Gears of mother freaking war! Yeah that's right, I could beat Jesus at Gears of war. Oh yeah, after we finisihed practicing and all that I had everyone get together and pose for a picture. Here ya go:
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Alright my cyber friends, I'm going to go either watch tv, play some xbox, or go find a cure for male pattern baldness. You stay classy St. Louis!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Numero Uno

I'm still trying to get this bad boy set up and running, and maybe eventually looking somewhat presentable. But until then, this is all you get.